世界上的基督徒系列讲座, 由天使山研究所赞助, 是一个综合的学习项目吗, prayer and discussion for Catholics who want to live their faith more deeply. The program seeks to help participants gain a more profound understanding of the Scriptures and the Church, to support lay people in exploring how to live their baptismal vocation in everyday life.



论政治与爱情:向莎士比亚学习. 由Fr. 斯蒂芬·罗文博士

Shakespeare’s plays have held the stage from the time they were written (c. 1590-1610) because people have found that they speak to the heart about topics that concern them deeply.

In 理查三世, 历史与悲剧, Shakespeare shows how a deeply-flawed man becomes a tyrant and how his conscience – and the consciences of an aroused people – take him down.

In 皆大欢喜, 一部关于恋爱中的人们的喜剧, Shakespeare looks beyond clichés and commonplaces to examine how love can hope to avoid the extremes of sentimentality and cynicism in order to survive over time.

在四个月的四次会谈中, these talks will focus on what the wisdom of Shakespeare, 世界上最伟大的剧作家和诗人之一, offers to everyone but especially to people who are 世界上的基督徒.

The presentations are held in the Abbey library auditorium on the second Saturday of the month: September 9, 10月14日, 11月11日, 12月9日. The mornings begin with a prayer at 9 am and end at noon, with a break mid-morning.

For more information about 世界上的基督徒, please call Mary Ann Amsberry at 503.769.3844.




爱教会,爱礼仪, 由执事欧文·卡明斯主持, was a series of presentations intended to lead participants to a deeper understanding of the Eucharistic liturgy. Deacon Cummings invited participants to take a fresh look at the Church’s renewal initiated by the Second Vatican Council, which firmly places the liturgy at the heart of our lives as Catholics.


  • 梵蒂冈二世60岁
  • 什么是礼拜仪式?
  • 教皇方济各和礼拜仪式



The fall 2022 series of Christian in the World, a four-part series by Br. 托马斯·巴特里克,O.S.B., considered the images of nature found in the psalms.

Beauty and the Search for God: A Conversation with Monk Artists of Mount Angel

The spring 2022 CITW lecture was a live-streamed panel discussion with four monks of 安吉尔山修道院 about faith and beauty. 小组成员中有三位僧侣艺术家. Fr. Vincent Trujillo is a master calligrapher; Fr. Teresio Caldwell is a musician and composer; Fr. Novice Jack Shrum writes icons and studied under Br. 克劳德·莱恩. 第四位演讲人是Br. 安塞尔姆·弗洛雷斯(Anselm Flores)在法国工作. Nathan Zodrow, the art curator at Mount Angel, is part of the monks’ art docent program. 主持讨论的是Br. 托马斯Buttrick.

For Benedictines, art and culture are integral to living a fully human, Christian life. Art is what happens when a person or community faithfully lives the Rule of St. 本尼迪克特与故意. 这就是为什么,院长杰里米·德里斯科尔说.S.B.,“修道院给人一种感觉. 在安吉尔山的感觉很棒. It’s not indifferent what the architecture is like, 墙上挂的是什么艺术品啊, 每个礼拜仪式都选择了什么样的音乐. All that constitutes our environment creates a beautiful cultural environment, a unique Mount Angel monastic environment where arts and culture are accessible and to all who come.”

A Handbook of Healing: The Therapeutic Value of Benedictine Spirituality

Dr. 杰夫•汤普森, 在亚基马执业的心理治疗师, 华盛顿, 和安吉尔山修道院的一个扁形, presents the Fall 2021 世界上的基督徒 program in a three-part video series titled, A Handbook of Healing: The Therapeutic Value of Benedictine Spirituality

We are created to be in the image and likeness of God, yet at some point we realize that we somehow are not quite there. Along the way, we have lost our sense of this self, made to be in the image of God. St. Benedict, in his Holy Rule, offers a path to healing. 他告诉我们:“归向神.“根据他的神圣规则,圣. Benedict provides us a process for our return to wholeness in God.

1. 我们是如何走到这一步的? St. 本笃与自我的起源
2. 我们现在在哪里?? 自我的紊乱
3. 我们如何到达目的地? 自我的修复

The original presentation was livestreamed from Mount Angel in the fall of 2021. 可供 在Abbey的YouTube频道上重播.


2021年春季基督徒世界讲座, 在新冠疫情时期培养僧人: What Monastic Life Can Teach Us About Coping, is a panel discussion on how living with COVID-19 restrictions has been, 对于一些, 一段时间去发现他们内心的沉思, 他们的“内心的和尚”.” Br. 以色列·桑切斯,O.S.B., moderates the panel discussion with Abbot Peter Eberle, O.S.B., Br. 托马斯·巴特里克,O.S.B., Mount Angel oblates Suzanne Kaufmann and Maizie Redner.

The original presentation was livestreamed from Mount Angel on May 8, 2021. 可供 在Abbey的YouTube频道上重播.


The fall 2020 世界上的基督徒 series explores 但丁的 神曲, an allegory about the soul’s development from being stuck in sin to being free. 这三节课, 地狱, 炼狱, 天堂,由Fr. 斯蒂芬·罗文, STB, PhD, are available to view on Mount Angel的YouTube频道.

Fr注释. 斯蒂芬·罗文

但丁是世界上的基督徒. In his case, it was the world of the 13th-14th century Florence, Tuscany, northern Italy. 他伟大的著作《 神曲, 是通往他世界的窗口吗, showing us characters whose actions earned them a place in one of three states of life after their time on earth: Hell, 炼狱, 或天堂.

如果只是这样,那 喜剧 would be of interest only to antiquarians or curiosity seekers. 但是, 喜剧 也是一面反映我们时代的镜子吗, showing how Christians in the world can find themselves — even now — under conditions that are very much like Hell, 炼狱, 或天堂. 我们的时代, 不亚于但丁的, 被贪婪所困扰, 嫉妒, pride; like Dante, we have seen abuses of power in state and church; we, 太, have wondered how we and our society can become “unstuck” from a tangled up state of soul and find a way out.

但丁的 喜剧 is a way of speaking — an allegory — about the soul’s development from being stuck in sin to being free; from being lost to finding its true home; from fumbling in the dark to living with love in the light. It is, in the end and all along the way, a hopeful journey.
With a little guidance about 但丁的 themes and style of storytelling, the 神曲, which Dante intended to be a saving message for his own time, can serve the same purpose in ours.

Fr. 斯蒂芬·罗文