7月26日,27日 & 28, 2023

Thank you for joining us for the 阿比巴赫音乐节.
Save the dates for next year, July 24 – 26, 2024.

Mount Angel 阿比巴赫音乐节 阿龙戈尔茨坦A note from Artistic Director 阿龙戈尔茨坦

It is our great pleasure to be planning our 2023 Bach festival, filled with music to touch your heart 和 bring you to beautiful 安吉尔山修道院.

We have a terrific 和 varied program for you this summer. On Wednesday, we welcome the return of the Cavatina Duo. Eugenia Moliner是一个优秀的, 令人兴奋和富有想象力的长笛演奏家, totally in control of the sometimes ferocious technical dem和s of the scores. She is joined by 丹尼斯•Azabagic who plays with both great virtuosity 和 sensitivity. 星期四我们有一个 舒伯特iade. Mezzo-soprano Solmaaz Adeli joins me 和 单簧管ist Igor Shakhman for these traditionally intimate gatherings in music lovers’ homes for 钢琴 和 民谣. We close the festival on Friday with Charlie Chaplin! Celebrated 小提琴ist 菲利普五胞胎 presents a full program of video 和 live music.

I invite you to join us this summer for three nights of inspiring classical music!

Artistic Director 阿龙戈尔茨坦 is one of the most original 和 sensitive pianists of his generation, 他的音乐才能令人钦佩, 动态人格, 艺术的眼光和创新的节目. 莱昂·弗莱舍的学生, he brings his superb 钢琴 skills 和 artistic vision to the 阿比巴赫音乐节. 了解更多关于 Mr. 戈尔茨坦.



教堂 & 特性性能计划表

Wednesday | July 26 | 8 pm – 幻想与舞蹈

艾比巴赫音乐节卡瓦蒂娜二人组 ——尤金尼亚·莫里纳, 长笛(西班牙)和丹尼斯•Azabagic 吉他 (Bosnia)—has become one of the most impressive combinations of its kind in the world.

专门的独奏家和室内音乐家, the Cavatina Duo breaks convention with their combination of instruments. Add to that their daring choices of varied 和 versatile repertoire, 结果就是新的声音, 颜色和乐句, which in turn awakens a high level of emotion 和 audience response. A Cavatina Duo concert is a musical experience you don’t want to miss.

尤金尼亚风车式的, 长笛
丹尼斯•Azabagic 吉他



Sonata in E major for 长笛 和 continuo, BWV 1035

– Tango Waltz for the Old Folks Ballad for the Lonely
- - - - - - Samba


Sonata in C major for 长笛 和 continuo, BWV 1033

幻想没有. A小调2 & no. B小调3



 ——B小调前奏曲,BWV 855a
– “Sheep may safely graze” from the Cantata: Was mir behagt, ist nur die muntre Jagd, BWV 208
-第1部分. 降B大调第一大调,bwv825

阿龙戈尔茨坦, 钢琴

Thursday | July 27 | 8 pm – 舒伯蒂德:烛光下的音乐

艾比巴赫音乐节… a 舒伯特iade is dedicated to the sharing of chamber music, 音乐独奏钢琴和, 当然, 歌曲(或 民谣).

的 blossoming of the salon in 19th Century Europe is a great example of creating social circles in support of art in general 和 various composers 和 musicians in particular. Art, poetry 和 music lovers would host social gatherings in their home, 沙龙, 和 invite a mix of arts supporters 和 artists. 的 舒伯特iade 源于这个传统

This social-artistic phenomenon also paralleled the evolution of the 钢琴 as it gradually became a more reliable 和 responsive instrument, capable of ever-increasing shades of expression. 的 钢琴 often served as the centerpiece for salon gatherings, given its versatility 和 increasing popularity.

Solmaaz埃德里, 女中音
伊戈尔·Shakhman 单簧管
阿龙•戈尔茨坦 钢琴


即兴曲,D. 899; Opus 90

F. 舒伯特
 - Du bist die Ruh, D. 776; Opus 59, no. 3
 -我是阿本德洛特。 D. 799
 - Der Tod und das Mädchen, D. 532; Opus 7 no. 3
 -我死了音乐 ,D. 547; Opus 88 no. 4
 - Wasserflut (Winterreise), D. 911; no. 6

Fantasiestucke 单簧管和钢琴,作品73

约翰内斯·勃拉姆斯(1833 - 1897)
 ——萨福诗颂 作品94号. 4
 ——冯·艾维格·利比 作品43号. 1
 ——《dt电子游戏app》 作品43号. 2

沃尔夫冈·阿玛迪斯·莫扎特(1756 - 1791)
帕托,《dt电子游戏app》里的帕托 中音女高音,单簧管和钢琴
-歌词:Caterino mazzol


慢板选自第二小提琴奏鸣曲. G小调1,bwv1001


Friday | July 28 | 8 pm – Charlie Chaplin‘s Smile

菲利普·昆特,小提琴手One of the most versatile 和 imaginative artists on the concert stage today, multiple Grammy Award-nominated American 小提琴ist 菲利普五胞胎 is internationally recognized for his unique approach to classical core repertoire, 倡导新音乐, rediscovering neglected works 和 creating a new format of docu-concert experience; multimedia journeys about lives of Astor Piazzolla 和 Charlie Chaplin.“真正的非凡”是怎么回事 BBC音乐杂志 最近对他的描述, 并补充说,“昆特的音调丰富, generously inflected with subtle portamentos, sounds like a throwback to the glory days of Fritz Kreisler.”

With an award-winning discography of 17 commercial releases that can be found on Warner Classics, 纳克索斯和阿凡提经典, 菲利普五胞胎 regularly appears with major orchestras 和 conductors worldwide at venues ranging from the Gew和haus in Leipzig to Carnegie Hall in New York, while making frequent guest appearances at the most prestigious festivals including Verbier, 阿斯彭, 科尔, 好莱坞露天剧场和德累斯顿音乐节.

“出色的钢琴家, 有经验的合作者, 小心侦听器, 和 equally at home in all 和 any repertory” – ConcertoNet纽约
钢琴家 小君曹 is a versatile artist who enjoys a multidimensional career as a soloist, 室内乐音乐家和教育家. He has performed in many of the major venues throughout the United States, South Korea, 和 Europe. 热心的合作者, Cho performs with musicians including Itzhak Perlman, 菲利普·昆特, Stefan Jackiw, R和all Goosby和JP Jofre.

菲利普五胞胎 plays the magnificent 1708 “Ruby” Antonio Stradivari 小提琴 on loan to him through the generous efforts of 的 Stradivari Society®.

菲利普·昆特, 小提琴
小君秋, 钢琴


你知道查理·卓别林吗, one of the greatest silent movie actors 和 iconic figures of the early film industry, 还是个天才作曲家?

Quint’s unique arrangements of songs from Chaplin’s most celebrated films (Modern Times, City Lights, Monsieur Verdoux, 的 Kid, Limelight, 纽约的一位国王) are interspersed with rare footage of the actor, along with still images 和 video clips from his films.

的 program also features music by composers who influenced Chaplin’s musical style – Brahms, 德彪西, 斯特拉文斯基, 和格什温.

“我觉得我的祖父很了不起, Charlie Chaplin is still around 和 loved by so many, that many years after his first movie was made, 他仍然给人们带来惊喜.” 《dt电子游戏app》 杂志——基拉·卓别林


约翰·塞巴斯蒂安·巴赫(1685 - 1750)
 C大调协奏曲BWV 594(第一乐章.)
——托卡塔,慢板 & C大调赋格BWV 564
——托卡塔 & D小调赋格565

柳青Boëllmann (1862 - 1897)
 – Suite Gothique : Prière à Notre Dame 和 Toccata


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